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How Thailand escaped colonization

Before we start, here’s a quick fun tip for the road, Thailand was not always called Thailand. The Asian country was initially named Siam until the year 1939 when the name was changed to what we all know now. Good, now that we’ve gotten that over and done with, let’s talk about the day’s topic. How did Thailand (or Siam?) work a way around getting civilized when other Asian Countries were getting under the thumb of the European colonists? India, Burma, and Malaysia among others were grabbed by the British, Vietnam was colonized by the French, and the Dutch had gotten Indonesia under their control. So what was it about Siam that got them off the hook? It was a combination of a couple of factors


Smart Rulers

Around the period when the risk of colonialism was really high; Siam was lucky enough to have leaders who could make smart maneuvers, intelligently handle negotiations and look after the interests of their people. The title for Siam kings then was known as Rama, and the two kings being referred to specifically here are Rama IV and Rama V whose names are Mongkut and Chulalongkorn. First of all, under the rule of Rama IV, efforts were made to develop a form of modernism. Rather than continue with the previous feudal style system of government, the political system was adjusted to be a little more centralized, removing the authority of local rulers and concentrating the power in the capital Bangkok. Also, they developed a strong military force which indicated some level of strength and self-sufficiency to any external observers. In actual fact, this military force was so strong that they were able to attack the French as a preventive measure to avoid eventual colonization by the French.

Shrewd Negotiation

The Siam rulers again displayed their ingenuity through the various negotiations they made both with the British and the French in a bid to avoid colonialization. In 1859, after taking over Vietnam, France decided to look inwards and conquer more territory, and so they came towards Phnom Penh, an area with loyalty to Siam, the king then complained to Rama IV who tried in vain to appeal to the French, he also attempted to approach the British who conveniently ignored him since they had enough conquered territory already and also, they owed the French a favor for not interfering in some of their previous attempts at colonial conquest. It was some years after this that the preemptive military action previously mentioned was taken. Although all this did was to hold things off for a little while as Siam still ended up yielding some more territory to the French.

However, around 1895, the French and British held meetings about the area, and Rama V who had replaced his father Rama IV as king after his demise was able to lobby with the British to approach the French with the idea of keeping Siam as a buffer zone between the French and British territories. This idea was agreeable to the French. They acquiesced, and thus, Siam or Thailand remained a free territory.

Check Denmark Out

Welcome to the next country on our spree of Nordic tourist destinations. We’re going to be looking up a nice country that you’ve definitely heard about- Denmark. While you’ve probably never even considered this country a probable place for your vacation, there’s still enough to make you have quite some fun and enjoy yourself. This site may not be as steeped in history as some of the other Nordic countries, but you’ll still find something to take home and talk about for the next couple of months. While we have made the point that Denmark is not totally your classical historical go-to site, there are still a few blasts from the past to thrill you. So let’s get cracking and convince you to book that ticket to Denmark.

  • Oresund Bridge: Don’t mind the fact that the first feature we’re talking about is man-made, but you’re really going to love this. The Oresund Bridge is a beautiful piece of engineering genius that is as aesthetically appealing as it is practically useful. This bridge connects the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen with the city of Malmo in Sweden across the Oresund Strait. Either you’re crossing the bridge in a car, or you’re just seeing it from above while flying into Copenhagen, it’s an absolute beauty to behold and you’ll be glad you got the chance.
  • Amusement Parks: It appears the Danes love to have their fun. From the old ones to the pretty recent additions, Denmark has a fair share of amusement parks to keep you thrilled. You would definitely love to visit the Bakken (this is a shortened form, Dyrehavsbakken is definitely not very easy to pronounce for a tourist). Well, here’s where it gets exciting, Bakken is the oldest amusement park in the world. Wouldn’t you love to hang out at the root of the concept of amusement parks? There are also a few other fun parks to check out like the Djurs Sommerland and the Tivoli gardens among others.
  • Museums: Denmark also has a couple of connection points to their past; portals of insight into their rich history. There’s the Vikingeskibsmuseet which is a Viking Ship Museum located in Roskilde, you can learn a little more here about the Viking history. There’s also the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art which boasts some very beautiful and interesting collections. Don’t forget that this museum is closed on Mondays, so you can factor that into your tour plans. You could be lucky and be in the museum during any of the numerous exhibitions that are often held there during the year.
  • Towers, Castles, and Palaces: Remember Hamlet by Shakespeare? Well, it was set in the Kronborg Castle which is located where? You guessed right, Denmark! Of course it has been rightly recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, and you should definitely check this place out. Other remarkable buildings include the picturesque Egeskov castle in Kvarnstrup, the Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, and The Round Tower also in Copenhagen among others.

Denmark is a nice place to vacation, we hope you think so too.

Beach destinations that you can consider in Europe

Many people are touring through Europe. But, they don’t really consider making a booking at one of Europe’s best beach destinations. People forget that Europe is more than just one of the best tour countries in the world. They have some great, and beautiful beach destinations that you can go to as well. If you are considering a beach destination in Europe, then you might want to know about which destinations you can consider. There is your answer:

Setubal in Portugal

Portugal is in general one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. So, automatically their beach destinations are also spectacular. There are many different beach destinations that you can go to in Portugal, but Setubal is the best one to consider.

This is because this beach has the clearest water, great scenery and is offering activities that you can enjoy.

Valuable Info

Sidari in Greece

The first beach destination that you can consider in Greece is Sidari. This is a small beach town with a secret beach. You will not know about the beach if you don’t ask locals for directions.

This is one of the best destinations if you are looking for a relaxed and quiet beach holiday.

Corfu in Greece

The second beach in Greece that you can consider is Corfu. This is one of the most beautiful beach destinations that you can find in Greece. This is a bit more crowded than Sidari and is perfect if you want a holiday destination that is offering a variety of things to do and to enjoy throughout the year.

This is a destination that is known as the best destination for a beach holiday in the whole of Europe.


There isn’t a destination in Croatia that can be said as the best beach destination in Croatia. All their beach resorts are something you should experience. People are saying that if you like beach vacations, you should make a point of going to Croatia. You will not regret it.

There are some expensive resorts, but there are also some resorts that are more affordable and that most people can go to.

Beach destinations in Europe. You will be surprised at the beauty of the Europe beach destinations. Many people are choosing Europe for a tour, because of their beautiful country, but you should not forget about the beach destinations in Europe as well. With a beach holiday at one of these beach destinations, you will be able to get the rest you need to be able to face another year in the office, working.